Hawaiian Magic Explored

* Quick note: As I come across more time to devote to finally sorting through images I’ve had the pleasure of capturing over the last months, I find myself unsure of the best place to post where all of my family and friends will get to enjoy, and that I will also (hopefully) get to enjoy the little comments and “likes” here and there to accompany my efforts. So I figured, wordpress is a relatively neutral platform to display my photos. So, as I get the time to sort through my large cache, some of which I have randomly posted already, but bear with me if some duplicates appear here and there through the following posts. This is going to be my attempt to catch up and organize my photography world.   Oh! Another note: The photos that are not watermarked, and have me in it, were not taken by me and likely instead by a friend, but it’s always nice to see myself once in awhile.*

So without further ado:


A land of magic I found to inspire, challenge, and encourage me to look within. It felt as though each island had a different theme, a different area of focus for those willing and open, to center around and take a look at what could be healed within the self in that area.

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