A post to remember the past and present

Being in the Space

Thank you Diane for inspiring me to write this.

Accept that there is a n knowledge large than me. Accept that there is a knowledge large than me.

I want to share a bit of where I’m coming from to get to where I have been.
The stillness of life
This has been a journey I have been on for many years and have now reached the apex point.
It started when I was young, very young. I can remember even around five years old, passing through bridges, seeking out stars, or blowing dandelions, that I just wanted to be happy. I see the thought process unhealthy in that, but alas, that “depression” had already taken hold. Feeling like a weight I carried around with me everywhere, a fog I could hide from the world and myself behind. This escalated through the years and when teenage hormones started raging, I turned to intoxicants; alcohol and drugs to try to numb the pain and already numb that I was/wasn’t feeling. To…

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