Spontaneous Rishikesh Wedding

A quick post because I am studying 😉 though I wanted to share photos.

It was 5:30 am when I was headed to asanas class that I saw the construction of the wedding location begin. At 9 am the food which was in cars I could bath in were rolling past me covered by a cloth for protection from the flies. The food preparation lasted all day to be ready for that evening’s celebration.
It began around 9 pm with all the guests conversing joyously, the men, kids and foreigners dancing to the pop Indian music the dj was playing. When food was announced it was a mad rush to the various tables from which globs of food were shoveled onto the many plates being held out by as many people could fit in that area.
The groom hung out on the stage looking solemn while having his photo taken performing different ceremonies and with seemingly everybody he knew. The only time I really saw him smile was when the power cut out and everybody that had been dancing cried out. The power does that here.
The bride arrived sometime around 10-10:30. She had her close family and friends surrounding her, supporting her, all looking incredibly beautiful in their colorful saris.














Spontaneous because I had no idea I was going to go until I saw how beautifully it was set up after dinner. Though I was of course interested from the start. I’ve been wanting to attend an Indian wedding. It was indeed a unique experience. One completely different from any western wedding I’ve been to. This had a certain melancholy feel when I looked at the bride and groom. Like… Well, you can gather your own deductions from the photos. Without a doubt, last night was the beginning of a new life for two people.
Edit: I have since learned it was an arranged marriage and the bride was 23 and a bit sad because this means she must leave her family home.

3 thoughts on “Spontaneous Rishikesh Wedding

  1. wow – what an incredible ceremony – so beautiful and the wedding costumes – my goodness – hon if mama every gets married i do not need such an elaborate get-up – ok?! it was sad to see that not one photo of the bride or groom has them smiling – interesting to think of the event taking place – you have some great photos here – hope you can send them to the newly weds – luv ya – 🙂

  2. It’s incredible how something sad can be so beautiful. You’re a great story teller love!

    Jesus! How beautiful can one group of women be?! (Indian women, that is)

  3. so impressed with your eye for color & photo framing…makes me “see” in a different way. So happy you could share this event. [I’m so Western – can’t understand arranged marriages.]

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