Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh

I decided today I wanted to get out into the trees. Away from the noisy lives people live and surround myself instead with nature. I happened upon a nice little trail and quite ready to be off the paved road, I turned onto the path. Enjoying the butterflies dancing all around and the birds singing in the trees, eventually I came to a gate and a brick wall. Looking up and it, it looked perfectly quiet with a clearing to get through the brush. Then came the point I could see over.








4 thoughts on “Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh

  1. the quality of these photos is sooooo amazing – the depth and clarity of even the smallest crack almost has a 3D effect – beautiful jaz –

  2. OMG Jasmine, those photos are beyond amazing! I know they will end up in a book..They gave me goosebumps to view them. The picture of the Buddha was so lovingly expressed, and the story written on the wall was fascinating (what I could read of it). I hope you can get a better print out of it cause I’d like to read the whole thing. Such an dream for you to be there and find that holy place. My heart is with you always, Ona

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